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Filter By Wealth: A Peek Into Your Constituents' Capacity To Give

Now you can do even more with Lists in Luminate Beta! Filter your consituents based on their Wealth rating - a five-star system based on assets. With this sneak peek into your constituents' financial standing and capacity to give, you can help determine where to focus your fundraising energies and which donors to ask for larger gifts.

Keep in mind the more stars, the higher the wealth rating:
  • Five stars mean public assets greater than $25M.
  • Four stars mean public assets between $10M and $25M.
  • Three stars mean assets between $1M and $10M.
  • Two stars means public assets between $500,000 and $1M.
  • One star means assets up to $500,000.

To take your first look at your consistuents' overall wealth, log into Luminate Beta. From the Lists tab, create a new list or select one of your existing ones. Then click the filter icon and locate Wealth. Start creating an audience based on a star rating of your choice!  

Stay tuned to the Luminate Community in the next few weeks for an upcoming posts about utilizing Wealth ratings to maximize your fundraising efforts.

Learn more about Wealth ratings!

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Posted by Melissa Feather on Aug 16, 2017 12:56 PM America/New_York