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What Can I Do With Wealth Ratings?

As part of our Intelligence for Good initiative, we’re making analytics and intelligence more accessible and easier to use. Last week we turned on Wealth ratings in Luminate Beta Lists. The new Lists filters allow you to evaluate supporters’ financial resources according to publicly available wealth data.

Let's look at some ways you might use Wealth ratings to accelerate your fundraising.

Use Wealth Ratings with Peer-to-Peer Events

Identify wealthy individuals hidden in your peer-to-peer participant database

  • Your participants, team captains, volunteers, and donors have already shown an affinity to your cause.
  • Screen for wealth to see which supporters to cultivate deeper relationships with.
  • Discuss how they might partner with you to make a greater impact on the cause.
Increase Revenue with Strategic Campaign Targeting
Segment communications to ask for support in ways appropriate to constituents’ wealth rating. For example:
  • Present high end “giving club” to supporters with highest wealth rating.
  • Suggest sustainer / recurring giving program to supporters with lower wealth rating or no significant giving history. 
Identify and Cultivate Prospects for Larger Gifts
Screen reports of recent donations and event registrants for donor Wealth ratings in support of an organization-wide strategy to cultivate potential major donors. 
  • Set a threshold for “large” size gifts to pass over to major gifts officer, executive director or development director (along with wealth score!) for personal Thank You’s.
  • Screen attendee lists for ticketed events to identify individuals with high wealth scores for your MGO / DD to greet personally at the event.  

Note: Wealth data is included free to Luminate Online and TeamRaiser customers. Learn more.  
Posted by Kathryn Hall on Aug 23, 2017 1:59 PM America/New_York