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Google Chrome Security Updates

Starting this month, Google Chrome will display a "not secure" message at the top of any nonsecure URL (HTTP) web page that also contains a user-input form, such as an email address field.

The message is informational only and will not display on HTTPS pages or on HTTP pages that don't have a user-input field.

What does this mean for pages hosted by Luminate Online? 

Be assured that the following areas are secure and will not display the message:
  • Anywhere a credit card is entered 
  • Donation forms 
  • APIs   
Where might my supporters see the message? 
Pages that might display the message include:
  • Custom pages hosted on HTTP
  • TeamRaiser greeting and landing pages
  • Page Wrappers with a user-input field, such as login  
  • Pagebuilder pages that do not have the checkbox toggled to make it secure
  • Survey pages that do not have the checkbox toggled to make it secure
  • CMS-hosted pages
For these areas, we are in an early adopter program (EAP) to work through securing every page for all clients, and we'll update you soon. 

For much more information, see Knowledgebase Article 113345.
Posted by Colleen Gutierrez on Oct 11, 2017 9:21 AM America/New_York

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