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Become A Luminate Online Power User!

Are you spending too much time trying to understand the comprehensive tools in Luminate Online? Blackbaud University training can teach you the features and flexibility of these tools to help you streamline tasks and become more efficient in your job.

We want to make sure you're getting the most out of your solution so you can better understand your online supporters, make the right ask at the right time, and launch creative fundraising campaigns.

Here are the Top 10 Tasks You Should Know in Luminate Online:
  1. Create and edit a contituent record
  2. Create an email interest and associate it with an email campaign
  3. Create and send an email
  4. Set up a donation campaign and forms
  5. Enter an offline donation
  6. Create and upgrade a PageBuilder page
  7. Create an online survey
  8. Create an automated welcome series
  9. Create and run a Report Writer report
  10. Access Luminate Beta and view Blackbaud SKY Reporting dashboards
Not sure how to to tackle a task using Luminarte Online? No problem!

Blackbaud University offers training courses that can help you master all 10 processes. Join this 15-minute webinar to see how Blackbaud University can put you on the path to becoming a Luminate Online power user!

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