3 Ways To Build Birthday Campaigns with Luminate 4125

3 Ways To Build Birthday Campaigns with Luminate

With the new Luminate Beta Lists filters, you have fresh superpowers, including creating super simple email lists to drive birthday campaigns. Email people on or before their birthday to power relationship-building and fundraising.

Here are a few of the new opportunities this offers you:    

1. Send birthday ecards to supporters. 
Remind supporters your relationship with them isn’t all about the money. Create a recurring campaign in Luminate that sends people a birthday card thanking them for their support, reminding them of the good things they help make happen in the world.
  • Hint: Need a birthday card template? Borrow the responsive ecard template from the holiday campaign kit!
  • Hint 2: Set your email groups to rebuild before delivery to capture all of the day's birthdays, set your email to be a recurring daily send, create Lists using birthday filter and “This Week” as the filter option, and don’t forget to restart your campaign again every year!
2. “Fundraise for your birthday” campaign. 
Encourage supporters to invite friends and family to donate on their behalf instead of buying presents for their birthday. In this case, you might email people a month before their birthday to encourage them to set up the campaign on your do-it-yourself (DIY) fundraising site.

The feedback we get from nonprofits is that birthday fundraisers are among the most successful DIY efforts. Birthday fundraisers are deadline driven, creating urgency, AND friends and family are already inclined to give gifts for that day. Here are some good examples: 3. Birthday calling campaign. 
Leave a voicemail on your supporters' birthdays. It is more time-intensive than sending an email. It is also highly personal and effective relationship building. This calling campaign could be a volunteer project … also a VIP cultivation campaign. Run the birthday list in LO Beta … for the VIP campaign, add filtering by wealth, giving history or social influence.
How easy is it to target a list based on Birthday = This Week (or today / this month)? The screenshot tells the story: 

Learn more about the new Beta Lists filters that include birthdays, giving history, and more.  
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Hello, we've been instructed this to work around the birth date year issue. I've created the filter and pushed the group into Luminate. Is this group rebuildable? We're looking to send daily birthday emails and as far as I can tell, the group doesn't appear to be rebuildable (it doesn't have the rebuild icon next to it)
Ken Cantu Ken Cantu Jan '18
Hi Christine, the group will rebuild if you set the email to rebuild when you are setting up the send. 

Ken (product manager for this feature) 
Hi, I also have a question about this. Yesterday I pushed the birthday group to LO, and then I created a query using the Beta group plus an LO group because we only want to send birthday messages to a certain segment of our file. I spot-checked some records and saw that it was only constituents with a March 22 birthday. However, I set my query group to rebuild daily and when it did today, it's still showing people with March 22 birthdays, not the 23.

Does rebuilding at the group level not work in this case? If we rebuild at delivery instead like you suggest, how can we spot-check to make sure it's pulling in the correct supporters before it actually sends? Thank you.
Ken Cantu Ken Cantu Mar '18
Hi Lara, the group created from LO beta will update only when 1) someone pushes the button in LO beta to manually rebuild the group or 2) when the group is targeted as part of an email and that email is set to automatically rebuild on email send. If I am understanding correctly you pushed a group to LOCG and then ran a query but the group didn't reflect the right date but running the query itself wouldn't rebuild the next gen group so I think that is the issue. 

I would push the group again for LO beta and let it finish rebuilding, then run the query again to double check the content of that group before send. Or just send to a small test group and make sure the target groups rebuild before send and then check the results. 

If it doesn't end up rebuilding I would open a support case to take a look. 

I am trying to build a campaign like #2 mentioned above. However, I only see a way to create a group of people with birthdays this month, not next month. Is there a way?