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Luminate Drones?

Drones are all the rage today, aren’t they? You can buy a drone just about anywhere. Both newbies and professionals are getting onboard. Everyone is freaking out over the stunning aerial photography and bird’s-eye views. And then there’s the added bonus of being able to hone in on specific detail.

Wouldn’t you love to have that same 360-degree view of your constituents? You can—if you understand how to fully use Luminate Online and Constituent360 functionality. When properly configured, Constituent360 affords you a “drone’s-eye view” of your constituents’ biographical information, interests, and linked social accounts and a view into how those constituents engage with your organization. This in-depth overview helps you make data-driven decisions and solicitations, and build long-term relationships with your donors.

Now that you know about Constituent360 possibilities, I know you’re excited to start flying this new drone—but let’s begin by learning the basics. Our eLearning course Luminate Online: Basics of Constituent Management can get you started fortifying your constituent database. So go ahead, check out this on-demand session today. Once you’ve mastered the controls, you’ll have a more comprehensive view of your constituents. Now get flying!

Posted by Mary Shockley on May 3, 2018 10:00 AM America/New_York

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