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Break Out Of Your Writer’s Block


You've created your TeamRaiser event. Now it's time to encourage your constituents to register for the event and to help your participants achieve their goals (and yours). But when it comes time to write these emails, you stare and stare at the blank page. You have—dun dunn dunnn—writer's block. I'm here to tell you, you are not alone. (How do you think I came up with the idea for this post in the first place?)

To help you out, here are some jumping off points. Hopefully they'll break you out of your writer's block and get those creative wheels turning again.

Recruitment Emails

  • bbf917699c1fb523fb703be273ace09c-originaThank last year's participants for a successful event and include how you hope
    this year will be even better
  • Detail several highlights from last year's event, complete with pictures
  • Explain how they'll miss out on all the fun if they don't participate

Coaching Emails

  • Encourage participants to update their Personal Page with a new picture
  • Remind them to thank those who have already donated
  • Challenge them to send five (or ten) emails this week

And remember, your participants may also encounter the dreaded writer's block when trying to send solicitation emails to their friends and family. Therefore, it's critical that you equip them with Suggested Messages to help them know what to say.

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