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Get Ready To Increase Donations For Your Mission With TeamRaiser And Facebook!

We’re excited to announce Facebook Integration with TeamRaiser is coming soon to all US-based TeamRaiser customers!  You’ll be able to reach more people about your cause to earn more for your mission, and make event administration faster and easier for you.

With TeamRaiser Facebook integration, your supporters register for your event, then create a linked Facebook Fundraiser in only a few clicks!

Your TeamRaiser participants may already fundraise for your cause on Facebook, but we’ve heard from you that it’s been challenging to tie these donations back to their personal pages. With this integration, Facebook donations raised by your TeamRaiser participants will connect to their personal pages. Also, to help you with bookkeeping, while the gifts originate on Facebook, they’ll be processed through TeamRaiser.

How do I get started?

The Facebook Integration for TeamRaiser will be generally available in about two weeks. At that point we’ll share the steps required to set up the full integration. For now, verify that you fulfill these basic Facebook requirements to use the TeamRaiser integration.

1. Do you qualify for Facebook Fundraising and donation tools? Facebook’s qualifications specify that your organization:

  • Must be a 501(c)(3) organization based in the United States
  • Must be registered with the IRS and have a tax ID number
  • Has a bank account registered with a licensed financial services institution

2. Is your Facebook page verified by Facebook? 

  • If your Facebook Page is already verified, you'll see a blue or grey checkmark next to your name.
  • If it hasn’t been verified, follow the steps below. 
    • First, ensure your organization’s Facebook Page meets the following requirements:
      • Follows Facebook community standards
      • Has a page category of “Nonprofit Organization” or “Charity Organization”
      • Has the organization’s address in the “About” section
    • Next, submit the verification request.

3. Is your Facebook page approved to accept donations? 
If your organization’s Facebook page displays Fundraisers in the Fundraisers section on your page, you're already approved to receive donations. 

If you need to get approved to accept donations on Facebook, follow these steps:

Once you can say yes to these questions, you’ll be well on your way to setting up the integration with TeamRaiser when it’s available in a few weeks. Stay tuned for next steps! 

Learn More
Want to learn more about how you can extend event fundraising with Facebook?

  • Hear from a pilot customer: This recorded webinar lets you hear firsthand from one of our pilot customers. 
  • Ask questions: Please post a comment below, or start a Community discussion. We'll be happy to answer your questions. 
Posted by Kathryn Hall on Jul 16, 2018 11:27 PM America/New_York

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