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Support Fundraisers With This Updated Participant Center Guide Kit

As you look to upgrade to Participant Center 3 (PC3) for your TeamRaiser event, not only will you want to notify participants about the new functionality and sleek look and feel of their Participant Center, but you'll also want to update any fundraising or "how to" documentation you may referring to Participant Center tools.

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you and created a Participant Center 3 Guide Template Kit, to help you walk participants through using the fundraising tools available to them.
While we find Participant Center 3's user experience much easier to navigate, you may have a segment of participants who could always use a guide to help them along the way. The documents inside this kit were created to provide you with a template for your fundraising help documentation. Rather than one large document, we broke down the instructions into individual documents allowing the information to be digested in manageable pieces.

All the details around creating a personal page, uploading an image, sending an email and more are documented for you.  All you have to do is update the documents with your event information and screen shots as you desire.

Once you've edited the templates to make them your own, leverage them by:
  • Saving the documents as PDFs and uploading them to the document library then create a Fundraising Tips or Fundraising Resources page on TeamRaiser site and link the documents there.
  • We also have this product adoption video showing you how to link documents inside email in case you need a little help here.
  • Take those same documents and link them inside coaching emails guiding fundraising behavior. For example, if a coaching email suggests the participant sends 20 emails asking for support, link to the documents that share how to upload contacts and how to send email.
  • Make your first coaching email all about teaching your participants where they can locate these resources
In the long run, providing solid documentation will help save you and your event staff time in guiding participants around the tools and we hope these templates will point you toward some successful participant coaching.

Not familiar with Participant Center 3? Have questions about upgrading? Get these questions answered while learning more about Participant Center 3 during our session tomorrow: Fun to Raise Funds with PC 3.
Posted by Jennifer Peters on May 4, 2020 9:00 AM America/New_York

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