Make It (Medium) Spicy: More Flavors of Luminate Online Basics 8086

Make It (Medium) Spicy: More Flavors of Luminate Online Basics

This time of year, it’s fun to get a little fancy in the kitchen. Bring out the gravy boat, the good plates, and those fennel seeds from the back of your pantry. Toast to your loved ones—and toast some pine nuts.

You can add a little holiday magic in Luminate Online, as well. If you’ve mastered the basicsconstituent records, groups and interests, donation forms, reports and query, and email campaigns—you’re ready to harvest knowledge from five more newly refreshed eLearning Basics courses from Blackbaud University.

Basics of Libraries – Your spice rack might be a mess, but the Image Library and Document Library keep your organization’s assets tidy, with built-in version control to guarantee freshness.

Basics of Surveys – What do your constituents and site visitors wish for this year? Ask them! With one simple process, you’ll be ready to collect as much feedback as the Sears Wish Book in 1973.

Basics of PageBuilder – Spruce up your web pages in a snap with special content, such as season’s greetings and end-of-year reflections. No HTML required!

Basics of TeamRaiser Setup – Gather your supporters and celebrate your mission by setting up peer-to-peer fundraising events.

Basics of TeamRaiser Management – Make your peer-to-peer events a smashing success by helping guests manage their participation.

You’ll find all these options (and more!) in the Basics of Blackbaud Luminate Online learning path in BlackbaudU Campus.

Here’s a tidbit: When you add a new image to your Image Library, you can resize it in the same window. However, it’s better to resize any images before you upload them, to avoid pixilation.

Not sure what to do with your toasted pine nuts and fennel seeds? Add them to a simmered mixture of vinegar, sugar, and thinly sliced red onion to create a delicious agrodolce.
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I will have to try that toasted pine nut recipe, thanks!