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Blackbaud Acquires YourCause!

If you haven't heard the great news, Blackbaud has acquired YourCause, a market leader of enterprise philanthropy, corporate social responsibility and employee engagement technology. 

Why acquire YourCause? 

For Blackbaud, joining with YourCause bolsters our vision of powering an Ecosystem of Good™. Our combined footprint in corporate social responsibility and employee engagement positions us as the industry leader in providing solutions for both nonprofit organizations and for-profit companies committed to social issues.   

YourCause stands out as an innovative, flexible, and scalable software provider with a diverse customer portfolio, including Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike -- plus exceptional customer satisfaction and retention. We understand and embrace the growing importance that businesses place not only on financial success but on engaging in social issues, and we’re committed to playing a leading role in business success that also helps to build a better world.   

  • 85% of Fortune 500 companies report on their sustainability, corporate social responsibility, environmental and social governance, etc., compared to less than 20% in 2011.1   
  • 84% of Americans believe that businesses have a responsibility to bring social change on important issues.2  
  • 64% of global consumers are belief-driven buyers.3  
  • Total giving by corporations reached a record inflation-adjusted level in 2017 at an estimated $20.77 billion.4  
  • Millennials, the demographic group that most emphasizes corporate citizenship in employment and purchase decisions, account for the largest share of the U.S. labor force – at more than 1 in 3 employees.5   

After implementing YourCause solutions, customers show growth as high as triple-digit percentages in volunteers, donations, engagement, and more. These reported successes demonstrate a larger trend: overall ability to attract employees and customers alike by strengthening a company’s reputation.  

Bringing YourCause into the Blackbaud family positions us competitively and grows our reach within the international corporate citizenship market. In the future, Blackbaud is eager to combine YourCause’s product vision with its own, align YourCause’s capabilities to Blackbaud’s technical standards, and introduce expanded innovation to the market.  

How does this acquisition benefit end users and customers? 

With this acquisition, more great things are in store for our customers! 

YourCause customers will benefit from the innovation and scale offered by Blackbaud’s sector-leading R&D to power YourCause’s capabilities. Blackbaud is excited about scaling YourCause’s product vision and strategy to better meet customers’ needs and offer new innovations to grow their social impact, engage their teams, and demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility.  

For Blackbaud customers, with YourCause’s capabilities, we anticipate a marked expansion and acceleration of workplace giving and volunteering while building a source of new donors, volunteers and advocates. Blackbaud customers will experience considerable benefits from this acquisition through greater functionality and with an expanded team of talented developers to serve them. 

Together with YourCause, we will: 

  • lead the market in integrating the social good and enterprise philanthropy ecosystems 
  • increase innovation capacity through expanded resources 
  • provide holistic insights into employee engagement, both inside and out of the workplace  
Check out the press release and FAQs for more information. 

1 Governance and Accountability Institute   
2 Global Strategy Group’s ‘Business & Politics: Do They Mix?’ report 
3 Edelman’s 2018 Earned Brand study 
4 Giving USA Special Report on the Evolution of Workplace Giving 
5 Pew Research Center 

Posted by David Hazeltine on Jan 4, 2019 4:07 PM America/New_York

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