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What's New In DonorCentral - 2/8/19 Release

Take a look at what's new in our latest release of DonorCentral! 
Pending grants on Grants page

To enable advisors to view grants that have not yet been approved, we've added a Pending grants tile to the Grants page.


Under Pending grants, you can view all the grants that have not yet been approved. For each pending grant, its status — such as when the grant was received, and whether it's been approved — is displayed, showing which steps in the process are completed and not completed. When a pending grant's approval is completed, the grant will no longer display under Pending grants and is shown under Approved grants.

To show the details page for a pending grant, select View details from its menu. To hide or show information for a pending grant, select its Collapse or Expand icon.

Note: The Pending grants tile does not display if there are no pending grants.

Enhancements to Users/roles page

We've enhanced the Control panel, Users/roles page to improve the search capability and to be consistent with how other information is displayed in DonorCentral. The users now display in a grid, showing a maximum of 10 users per page. You can page forward or back to view more users.


When you search for a user profile, you can enter some or all of a user's name or email address, and the full name and email address are displayed in the search results.


You can view details about a user — including their fund associations — by selecting Show details from their menu.


You can also send a welcome email to an individual user by selecting Send welcome email from their menu. They'll receive an email with instructions for logging in to DonorCentral.

Posted by Sandra Stagner on Feb 8, 2019 12:27 PM America/New_York

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