TODAY IS THE DAY: Blackbaud Grantmaking SKY UX View Is Here!  7305

TODAY IS THE DAY: Blackbaud Grantmaking SKY UX View Is Here! 


As of today, the new view for Blackbaud Grantmaking is officially available to all current customers! What does this mean for you? The new SKY interface for Blackbaud Grantmaking maintains...

Blackbaud Grantmaking SKY UX View is Here! 

The new SKY interface for Blackbaud Grantmaking maintains the core functionality which has been an industry leader for decades, while aligning with the needs of today. For customers like you, this means that you now have the added benefit of a modern, cloud solution--with no data conversion or migration necessary and at no additional cost to your organization!  

While many organizations will choose to have their staff start to use the new view right away, other organizations might choose to wait until the end of their current annual giving cycle to switch over.  

You may now be asking yourself... When is the right time for our organization, and what administrative features are available in the new view today vs. which features will be available end the end of Q1?  

The answers to these and other questions can be found in our new Getting Started Guide and video introduction (video, 3 minutes).  

Additionally, onboarding and adoption sessions are now scheduled, so visit our Grantmaking Customer Success page for more information.  

The new SKY UX view is available to your organization’s Admin--and to any staff members that they invite to start using it--but it does not disrupt or change their current experience in the "classic" view in the meantime. But don’t feel pressured to switch over, as you have option to use classic view, SKY view, or a mix of both, until October 2021.  

You can learn more about our plans for the future of Blackbaud Grantmaking, check out our October 2020 Product Update Briefing (video, 1 hour). 

Lastly, if you have any questions about any of this, you can...  
  • post them as a Comment here  
  • contact your Account Executive 
  • email us at  
Thank you for your continued support of Blackbaud and Blackbaud Grantmaking! 
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We are still not able to access SKY and I've been reaching out to various people at Blackbaud since 11/9 to find out when we would have access. I've read the guide, tried to follow the steps, still don't have the permissions that I need as an admin, and have reached out again to additional people at BB. When can the rest of us expect to have access?

Hi Nicole,
Thank you for writing. A survey was sent out in October to all clients confirming the admin for their organization. If you did not receive this please contact the help desk.