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Approaching the end of the 2015-2016 School Year.  A Time for reflection. 2358

Finals are over, Seniors are graduating, and the weather is slowly getting warmer, all these signs point to one thing: the school year is coming to an end! This means you’ll finally have some time to sit back and relax a bit, right? No, we all know there is no rest for the wicked and the summer is a time to get things done. As you finish up the school year, it’s ...

Backstage Pass to the Advance Deposit 662

Around this time of year, we receive many questions about what an Advance Deposit is and how it works. The Advance Deposit is simple to understand if you know the working parts behind it.  Let’s go backstage and look behind the scenes of the Advance Deposit! The Advance Deposit is a billing item that allows the school to receive money at one time but ...

How to Use Advance Deposits 661

Advance deposits give parents the opportunity to send in a payment to reserve their child’s place for the next school year.  Once the advance deposit is paid, a credit generates in the next academic year toward tuition charges. Advance deposits can be created two ways:  as standalone charge waiting for a payment to be applied at a later date or created ...

Creating Refunds -- What Are My Options When Saving? 660

When creating a Refund for a record, initial setup is done on the Refund Billing Item.  When Financial Edge is installed, the option Allow users to create a Refund Check to be paid through Accounts Payable may be selected. When this is marked on the Refund billing item, the Create Refund Check button is active on the Refund when it is added to the record: ...

Refunds for Everyone! 659

By this time of year, students will have most likely begun paying their tuition bills. In Student Billing, we’ve been recording the payments and getting them applied to the correct charges. Sometimes, however, we will need to refund a payment back to the student. The student may have paid a little extra, or may no longer be returning to the school. The ...


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