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GIFTS Online Dashboard Lingo- Get In The Know

The Dashboard is the very first page you see when you log into GIFTS Online. The Dashboard is also a highly customizable space that can help to make using GIFTS Online a breeze. Knowing how to customize your Dashboard takes only a little bit of know-how and a bunch of imagination. Through these blog posts I will show you many different Dashboard configurations. However let’s start at the beginning with some lingo.
The starting page is called the Dashboard and then each Tab going across is also called a Dashboard. There can be up to 10 Dashboards at a time. See the screen shot below of an example of 10 Dashboards in use. You can see the 10 open Tabs across the bottom of the picture.

Each Dashboard consists of squares that are called Page Parts. Various configurations of these Page Parts enable you to customize the Dashboards for various purposes. To access the Add Part box click on the triangle in Dashboard Tab. This will open a drop down menu. Select Add Part from the menu.  To help get you started, below is a screen shot of the Add Part box and then a list explaining each page part.  The subsequent posts will focus on various configuration examples.

Budget Summary Enables you see all or part of your open Budget. Only available to client with the Budget Module
Chart Displays data in a variety of graphical formats.  
Image Enables you upload and add an image to your Dashboard.  
Link List Enables you to list more than one website link on your Dashboard.   
Note Provides a space for you to enter and save notes on your Dashboard.  
Online Applications and Reporting Allows you to see if you have any newly submitted applications or requirements. Only available to clients with the Online Applications Module.
Reviews – In Progress, Invited/No Response/ Submitted Allows you to track Reviews. Only available to client with the Reviewers Module. 
Summary Enables request or payment searches to be displayed as an automatic chart.  
Table Displays records as columns and rows based on search and filter criteria. One of the most used Page Parts.  
Web Clipping Allows a website to be displayed on the dashboard.  
Posted by Alexis Fish on May 26, 2016 1:49 PM America/New_York

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