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GIFTS Online Behind The Scenes: Enhancement Requests, Bugs And Sprint Reviews

As an implementation consultant at Microedge, I am often asked by the client, “What happens to my enhancement request? Who is fixing the bug in my system? How do I know it is fixed?”.

I’m here to give you an inside look at the magic, behind the curtain. On a regular basis the staff at Microedge participates in a sprint review.  The focus of the sprint review is for the Foundation Management Development Team to highlight their achievements and receive feedback.

As someone who sits in on these meetings, I can tell you that behind the scenes the developers are working fast and furious creating innovative and timesaving enhancements to GIFTS Online.

The sprint reviews, along with your enhancement requests and other input, is the recipe for a new GIFTS Online release. Release notes about the new versions are posted on the community: GIFTS Online Complete Documentation resource. The release notes contain a list of resolved issues.


This past week, I found the sprint review particularly interesting because the Development Teams did not add a flashy new feature, but rather they worked on the coding which are the essential building blocks to GIFTS Online. The Development Teams are rocking and rolling to create great new features and enhancements to make GIFTS Online even easier to use. 
What does that mean? Make sure to send in your suggestions, positive feedback, and success stories because your feedback helps to shape the future of the GIFTS Online software.
We are here for you!


Posted by Alexis Fish on Jul 21, 2016 2:44 PM America/New_York

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