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GIFTS Online: Blackbaud Outcomes, Getting Started

Q: What is Blackbaud Outcomes?
Blackbaud Outcomes is a cloud based solution that enables funders to track and monitor progress towards impact with easy to reach dashboards and charts.
Q: What kind of data?
Blackbaud Outcomes enables hard numbers to be self-reported by the applicants. This data can include not only outputs, but also outcomes.
Q: Huh?
Let’s take a very simplified look at a basic logic model that includes definitions. This logic model is from Wikipedia. I’m showing you this one because it gives a good example of how simple a logic model can be. Keep in mind that the theory behind outcomes and data collection is much more complicated than just this model. Blackbaud Outcomes is launching our Social Change Logic Model with services, this means we are here to help you through the process and we can deliver a customized solution. For now let’s stick with the basics; Blackbaud Outcomes tracks Outputs and Outcomes; and the Inputs and Activities are recorded through the online application.
Q: How do I know what to ask?
Knowing what to ask is the biggest struggle for funders, for this reason we developed a sector sourced taxonomy. More on the taxonomy in the next post.
Q: Why would I do this?
As philanthropic expert Michelle DiSabato said in a recent article, “As the giving sector is empowered to continue to develop best practices and standards in measuring results, tracking trends in giving and the populations served, we will be able to determine if we, as a community, are actually making a difference on the issues we support”.
Q: How do I start?
Posted by Alexis Fish on Mar 9, 2017 10:30 AM America/New_York

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