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GIFTS Online: GO Mobile With The Mobile App!

Summer is here and the rising temperatures have people venturing away from their desk and out into the sunshine. There is no reason for you, dear GIFTS Online user, to remain glued to your work station, shivering from the air-conditioning. Feel free to frolic in the mid-day light without worry that your work will be left behind. GIFTS Online has a mobile app that looks mighty nifty on your cell phone next to those other apps that you use to fetch a ride, post a pic or like a loved one. Unlike those other apps, this app is configurable by you and that is only one of the many awesome features.
There are a plethora of posts my partner in crime Angela and I could vlog/blog/write about that would detail the fantastic features of this wondrous addition to GIFTS Online however we will stick to three:
Feature One: It is Configurable --- Click for video
Feature Two: It is Comfortable --- Click   for video
Feature Three: It is Cost-Effective--- Click for video
Configurable. The online app can be configured to look different than the website version of your system. In the blueprint module, you will see specific icons that show where customization is possible. Also, when configuring your quick find you will notice that you can decide specifically which views you would like to be visible for your mobile app.
Comfortable. GIFTS Online looks fantastic on the mobile app. The starting dashboard is clear and the font is large. Charts come out glowing and navigating through the various record types is simple. Getting your work done using the app is a comfortable and enjoyable experience.
Cost-Effective.  The mobile app is free! Getting the app is a simple as going to the app store. Doing a search and downloading it. The first time you login you will need to put in your client ID. Your client ID is the part prior to your "".
Download on the itunes App store:
and the Google Play store:
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Posted by Alexis Fish on Aug 1, 2017 11:01 AM America/New_York

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