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Let's Talk About Site Administrators

The Site Administrator role is one of the most important parts of, providing a means for you to update Blackbaud about all sorts of changes within your organization at the touch of a button.  

What can a site administrator do on
The answer is "quite a lot."  Here's a short list from the Knowledgebase that applies to every site administrator, regardless of what Blackbaud solutions you have:
  • Invite new users to create logins on behalf of your organization
  • Remove users from your organization at
  • Ensure user roles are correct for your users
  • Approve/Deny user role requests by your users
  • Update your organization's address in Blackbaud's records
User updates, in particular, are extremely important.  For security reasons, Customer Support cannot assist someone who is not associated with your organization.  This means that the site administrator is a crucial part of new hire onboarding and departures, helping ensure that only authorized individuals are able to contact Customer Support or receive sensitive information about your organization.  Setting roles also ensures that the right person at your organization receives invoices by being designated as the Invoice Contact role.  

How do I change user roles in Blackbaud's records?
The process is actually pretty easy!  Just log into, go to My Blackbaud, click Manage Roles, then click Manage Roles next to the name of the user to get a checkbox menu where you can make the necessary changes and click Submit Roles.  If you're not the site administrator, then a request will be sent to your site administrator to approve or decline the change.  If you are the site administrator, then that's it.

How do I find my organization's site administrators?
This is also pretty easy if you're already associated with an organization.  From My Blackbaud, click Manage Roles, then View Profile on the left.  At the very bottom of the View Profile screen, you'll see a list of all your organization's site administrators.

I need to become a site administrator
The easiest way to become a site administrator is to request the role.  Blackbaud recommends having at least one site administrator and organizations are free to designate the role as appropriate to multiple users.  If the site administrator on record is no longer with your organization, the above-linked Knowledgebase article has instructions on how to submit a request for the change.  

Have any questions?  Your Customer Success Manager can help.  If you don't know who your Customer Success Manager is, feel free to reach out to me and I'll get you in contact with them.

Posted by Brent Strom on Sep 13, 2017 4:57 PM America/New_York

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When I go to 'Manage Users', only two users are listed. I have Admin rights, so all on our system should show.  We have five current users.
  • Posted Mon 18 Sep 2017 12:31 PM EDT
Hi Nicole,

Apologies for the delayed response - there are no notifications that come over on blog comments.  It's important to note that users you have for your software solution should have a separate set of credentials for  If you're not seeing users you would expect in your organization's profile, I would recommend inviting them using these instructions:

  • Posted Tue 03 Oct 2017 04:38 PM EDT