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New Is Exciting!

This year, I purchased a fancy new camera. It’s an amazing feeling to take pictures with my new camera. I get excited every time I open the camera case. Getting something new can be so exciting. Have you recently gotten anything new? A new car? What about a new smartphone? How did you feel when you got that new item? If you are like me with my camera, well…I smile just thinking about how my pictures improved the moment I started using it!
Maybe your new item was a new job or a new foundation software system like FIMS. A new camera, job, or software are all exciting, but there’s a learning curve involved in using them. Just like my new camera improved my pictures, FIMS can help your organization do things better than before.

When I get something new, I like to get an overview of the item’s capabilities and how each part works with the other parts. How do FIMS fully integrated modules work together? Fully integrated means that almost everything you do in FIMS impacts another area or module in FIMS. For example, a gift entered in the Gifts module impacts the Funds module, Profiles module, and General Ledger module.
To make learning and using the system easier, FIMS modules have consistent structuring and functionality. Once you understand the fundamentals, you can start diving into the details. I can’t dive into the zoom and pan features on my new camera until I understand the basics of turning it on and taking a simple picture.  
  • Data Grids: Upon accessing most modules, you’ll use data grids to search for and view lists of records. These “views” can be customized to meet your needs
  • Tabs and Supertabs: Every module has tabs that either store information or contain tools to help you perform various processes. Some modules also have supertabs that group similar tabs together. For example, in the Gift module, you can view posted gifts on the Gift History supertab just like you can view posted grants on the Grant History supertab in the Grants module.
  • Reports, Exports, and Letters: When you create reports, exports, or letters, you work through a series of tabs to define which records and fields you want included. Once you understand the basic tab contents, you can get more detailed and create more complex output.
So how can you learn about all the great features in FIMS and get a good understanding of the fundamentals and the details? 
New FIMS Curriculum
FIMS has a newly renovated training curriculum. What does that mean? It means there are new courses with content designed to build basic knowledge, introduce workflows, and increase efficiency in the core modules you use to manage your foundation’s various tasks.

Earlier this year, we transitioned FIMS training to Blackbaud University. This move provides FIMS users access to rock-star instructors and world-class instructional material. All our virtual classes are three hours in duration and include hands-on exercises in a training environment.
Where Should You start?
The Fundamentals courses introduce the basic concepts every FIMS user should know, such as navigation, profiles, and basic reports. After learning the fundamentals, you can build your knowledge in several areas, such as Gifts, Grants, and even Finance. View the full FIMS curriculum here.

Unlimited Training Access
Blackbaud University now offers Learn More® and Learn Everything® training subscription tiers for FIMS customers. Learn® education offerings provide your entire foundation unlimited access to virtual instructor-led training. The Learn Everything tier includes access to our three one-day regional events as an additional perk. To learn more, contact your FIMS account manager.

Enjoy Your New
So, just like when you drive your new car, or take a picture with your new camera, you can get excited about the new FIMS curriculum! And while new training may not look great on your feet (like new shoes do), training will help you increase your efficiency.  
Posted by Melissa Rancour on Sep 27, 2017 1:16 PM America/New_York

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