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The GIFTS Online Two-Step: Searching And Reporting

As a GIFTS Online user, you undoubtedly have abundant data in your system. Don’t just store that data, use it. Leverage data to measure your organization’s success. Keep your finger on the pulse of your organization and get an accurate performance analysis at any moment. How? Two steps. First, search the system to locate the precise slice of data. Second, choose from a variety of formats, and export.
In our eLearning course GIFTS Online: Searching and Reporting, you’ll practice this two-step technique. More specifically, you’ll learn:
  • The difference between Quick Find and Full Search
  • How to save time with recent and saved searches
  • The main report types available (standard, Ad Hoc)
  • How to select which report type best aligns with your needs

Two-stepping isn’t just for Texans anymore—learn more about these techniques and you can help your organization two-step its way to success!

Posted by Emily Steinbauer on Mar 5, 2018 3:45 PM America/New_York