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GIFTS Online 5.3.1 Update

The GIFTS Online system was updated this passed Saturday, October 3, 2015 providing a series of maintenance updates to your GIFTS Online system as well as a handful of enhancements to the Online Reviewer Portal functionality including:

Sharing Request Alerts: You are now able to share alerts messages from GIFTS Online with reviewers in the Online Reviews Portal. This includes the ability to specify which Reviewer Types should have access to the alert messages.

Scheduling Announcements with Images: You are now able to schedule the date an announcement begins / ends displaying to your reviewers. In addition you can now add images to your announcements as well.

Pinning Records in the Dashboard Display: Reviewers are now able to Pin one or more selected Review Records, and the new Pinned folder will display the Pinned records only.

Anonymous Posting in Discussion Boards: Anonymous posts and replies are now supported in Discussion Board. In the Reviewer Portal preferences you have the ability to specify if you wish to allow anonymous posts or not.

And so much more!

This update is part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing and maintaining your GIFTS Online system. For additional details on this release please read through the GIFTS Online 5.3.1 Release Notes available here on the MicroEdge Community.
Posted by Andrew Troup on Oct 6, 2015 2:01 PM America/New_York