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Are You A Results Focused Giver? Take The Quiz.

A results focus giver focuses on acheivement not activities. Does this sentence describe you? Would you like it to? Take the quiz below and check-out our materials to learn where to start.
Now is a perfect time to become a results focused giver

What is a results focus giver? A results focused giver focuses on achievement not activities.

How do you know if you already are a results focus giver?
Take the quiz below:
  • Do you invest in non-profits and programs that clearly contribute to their desired impact?
  • Do you clearly define the outcomes/indicators they seek to monitor towards their desired impact?
  • Do you review applications based on anticipated results and how 4 narrative questions demonstrate the risk/return of the investment?
    • Who they intended to impact (participant or problem overview)
    • What impact they intend to have on them (results statement)
    • How they will get there (project elements)
    • When will they know they’ve succeeded (verification)
  • Do you partner with you grantees and have checks-in throughout the grant term to support the grantee in achieving anticipated results?
What was your score? If you looked through the list, and couldn’t check off any today BUT this time next year you want to check off all four, then YOU ARE READY to start your journey to becoming a results focus giver.
A great place to start is to check out our online support and bog posts here. Also keep checking back here  throughout the year as we take the journey together.

Here’s to the journey and a great start to the year!
All the best,
Posted by Alexis Fish on Dec 28, 2018 3:55 PM America/New_York

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