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Blackbaud Grantmaking 2020 Year In Review

This year Blackbaud Grantmaking stood out as a technology that grew to even further support the philanthropic community during these  unprecedented times. The release of the new view of Blackbaud Grantmaking brings a  streamlined and easy to use  interface to the strong traditional system core while enabling our clients to do their work anywhere, and from any device. The rollout of the initial version was met with open arms.
“...the new view is easy to use and very similar to the old version only not so clunky. I'm not usually an early adopter and I've found no reason to want to go back to the old version." Patty Shreve, Director of Operations, Project Apis m.
The initial release in Q4 2020 included all the functionality needed for view only users, program officers, compliance partners, financial partners and communication partners to jump in and start using Blackbaud Grantmaking. The second stage of the release in Q1 includes the complete suite of administrative functions. check out the getting-started video and guide by clicking on the following links or copy and paste them into your browser.
Getting started video:    
Getting started guide:
While the technological advancements of Blackbaud Grantmaking stood out most this year, the thought leadership created by our  clients, partners and industry leaders also stood out for record breaking attendance. Blackbaud Grantmaking leadership discontinued all in person meetings and transitioned to virtual events that opened the door to attendees from all over the world.
The foundations group produced over 20  webinars and created dozens more opportunities for engagement and support . Over half of those webinars included highlights from our clients who spoke about how Blackbaud Grantmaking is making their giving process more streamlined, increasing communications and getting funds out the door faster.
The healthcare group hosted the Accordant Advancing Community Health Series which was attended by almost 300 people and focused on the grantmaking needs of hospital systems around the country.
The nonprofit group hosted thought leadership sessions and best practice webinars from organizations like the United Way of Southeastern Connecticut and the Center for Disaster Philanthropy that have unique regrant and compliance needs. These sessions provided deep insight into the benefits provided by Blackbaud Grantmaking not only for our clients, but also for the constituents they serve.
The companies group saw continued expertise and growth from our long-time partners such as Shell, Pacific Life and New Balance who continued to use Blackbaud Grantmaking to measure the impact of their giving as they incorporated international gifts, matching gifts and in-kind gifts into their portfolio. New Balance began making masks and donating them to those in need.
The professional services team that supports our Blackbaud Grantmaking clients worked thousands of hours this year supporting our clients as grants increased exponentially to offer much needed relief to those affected by COVID-19.
This year the Blackbaud Grantmaking family faced many unexpected challenges, and together, thanks to the flexibility of the technology, the expertise of the staff and the amazing leadership, strength, and mission of our philanthropic clients, grant dollars, relief funds, in-kind donations, matching grants and scholarships go to those in need all around the world. We close out this year with gratitude for what we did together and with excitement for what more we can do next year.
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