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How To Make The Volunteer Profile To Work For You

Can you believe it is mid-February?  I can’t either.  Many of you have outlined your CSR program goals and are reporting on the results from 2015.  Was your program successful?  Was it as successful as corporate leadership hoped?  How did you measure success?  Do you think you are utilizing AngelPoints to its fullest capabilities? 

Your company purchased AngelPoints to make management of its CSR program easier and to make employee participation more simplified and easily accessible.  A great way to increase participation in events is to understand what is important to your volunteers.  Did you know that the Volunteers love being able to use their non-job related skills?  Do you have a marketing representative who is a foster mom to twelve cats?  Or a customer service representative who is a whiz with a circular saw?  Do you know how to discover the passions your volunteers? 

One of the best and easiest tools on AngelPoints is the volunteer profile.  Are you encouraging your population to complete their profiles?  Do you offer an incentive to volunteers who do complete it?  Many companies offer a t-shirt to employees who have completed their profiles or create team challenges.  You are probably asking, if it is such a simple tool, how it can possibly help me increase my company’s community footprint. 

I am glad you asked because I am about to tell you about the wonders of the Volunteer Profile.  I went a little crazy with the font, but I want to make sure you are as excited to learn about it, as I am to tell you about it. 
Here are a few reasons why the volunteer profile will make your CSR program stronger.

  • Volunteers tell YOU what their passion projects are
  • Volunteers tell YOU what secret super powers they have
  • YOU can use AngelPoints to promote events to volunteers who possess specific skills or are passionate about specific causes
    • That circular saw whiz in your customer service department may not know that there is a Habitat home build coming up, so you use the Promote Event capabilities of AngelPoints to send out messaging to her and other construction capable volunteers to encourage their participation
    • The cat loving marketing representative might be excited to hear that your company noticed an animal related trend and is now offering volunteer events to help animals in need
If your CSR program consistently has low participation, perhaps it is time to review your company’s sponsored events.  Run a report and review user causes and skills.  What should you do when you see that based on user profiles, you have a large number of users who tell you they are passionate about animals?  Animals may not be a cause your organization supports, but if you want to increase participation, it may be wise to sponsor an event for animals.  Consider looking at the passions of your users and craft new volunteer opportunities to generate more interest.

Here are a few ideas to help you generate greater interest and create a bigger community impact:
  • Engage executive leadership to help them understand the importance of skill based volunteerism
  • Cultivate volunteers and match their skills and interests to maximize impact
  • Balance the experience and passion of older volunteers with the energy and interests of younger volunteers
When you create a new event in AngelPoints, you determine if the event needs volunteers with specific skills or supports a specific cause.  By selecting the causes and skills for each event, you make it easier for a volunteer to know about the upcoming event.  A little notification appears on the homepage for a volunteer whose passions or skills match with an event you create.  Just like this example:


I can merely click “Sign Up!” and I am now a participant in the upcoming event. 

It really is that easy to get the Volunteer Profile to work for you and to increase interest and participation in volunteer events.  My challenge to you is to try it for the next several events you create.  Select the causes and skills that are applicable and publish the event.  Then I would like to you to promote events to your skilled population and see what happens. 

Here is an interesting factoid:  Every employee who volunteers is worth $2,400 to the company!  Are you helping your company maximize the value of your employee volunteers?
Share with me and other AngelPoints system managers how this worked for you.
  • What did you do differently than you’ve done before
  • Did you get the anticipated results
  • Do you uncover any surprise passions or skills

Keep at it and Happy Volunteering!

Posted by Laura Sonnee on Feb 11, 2016 8:52 AM America/New_York

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