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GIFTS Online 6.1 & Outcomes Update And GIFTS Alta And GIFTS Updates (Available Now!)

GIFTS Online 6.1 Update (Released - 4/2/2016)
The GIFTS Online system will be updated this Saturday, April 2, 2016, providing a series of updates to your GIFTS Online system as well as a handful of enhancements to Outcomes and AngelPoints functionality, including:
  • Correspondence Updates. In GIFTS Online you now have the ability to add attachments to an email correspondence.  You can do this either by attaching a letter template or browsing external attachments. A radio button also now enables you to add a salutation preference of either formal or informal, and to include addresses. 
  • Track Subsidiaries. To help keep track of Organization hierarchy relationships, Subsidiary relationships for Organizations are now supported in GIFTS Online. Parent Organization Block, Parent Organization Name, and Subsidiaries are now available to be added as View columns and Template Merge fields.
  • Workspace Enhancements.  Including Alert Delete confirmation, Simplified Published Requirement Deletion, Update Due Dates on Published Requirements, Report Schedule Updates, Close All Tabs, Last Login and Session Visibility, and Custom Payment Fields in Advanced Request Searches.
  • AngelPoints.Advanced/360 Reporting Enhancements.  New Basic Search Filters and View Columns including Donations: Batch Name, Rewards Redeemed and Hired Date.
  • Plus so much more!
For additional details on this release, please read through the GIFTS Online 6.1 Release Notes available on Blackbaud Community.
Did you miss GIFTS Online 6.0?  If so, you can find the Release Notes here, GIFTS Online Documentation and a training video available here, GIFTS Online 6.0 Release Webinar
Blackbaud Outcomes Update (Released 4/2/2016)
If you are using Blackbaud Outcomes, your system will be updated this Saturday, April 2, 2016 and will provide you with significant updates including:
  • NPO Portal Updates. NPOs will now be able to view the Funder name on their Progress updates, along with providing funders a narrative note when submitting progress updates.
  • Qualitative data. Funders will now be able to see the last narrative notes submitted through progress updates on their outcomes dashboard so they can capture both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of grantee progress. 
  • Outcomes application form updates. You can now require a minimum number of outcomes measurements, and you can control which categories of populations served section are displayed.
For additional details on this release, please read through the GIFTS Online 6.1 Release Notes  available on Blackbaud Community.
GIFTS Alta 1.8 / GIFTS 6.7 / IGAM 6.1 (Available Now 3/31/2016)
The releases of GIFTS Alta 1.8, GIFTS 6.7 and IGAM 6.1 focus primarily on issue resolution and compatibility across the three solutions.  For additional details on this release, please read through the GIFTS Alta 1.8 Release Notes / GIFTS 6.7 Release Notes available on Blackbaud Community.  Pease email if you would like to request this release.
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