Hello Online Express Community!
In my last release email notification to you at the end of July, I mentioned that would be the last time I'd communicate release details to you via email unless we anticipate downtime. That remains true, but I wanted to offer this Community post as a reminder of that, as we do have another upcoming release tomorrow. Below are the release details

The Online Express update will occur the 18th of September, around 11pm EDT (GMT - 4:00).

What’s New in this release?
Technical Upgrades:
We went under the hood and made a few technical enhancements. These changes aren't visible in Online Express, but they'll create better online payment experiences for your users.

For information about new features in previous releases, please review the Online Express New Features Guide.

To be very clear, there should be no downtime during this update to either Online Express or to your web forms. Thank you everyone, and have a nice day!

Travis Richardson
Product Manager, Blackbaud Online Express

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