Hello Online Express Community!
In my last release email notification to you at the end of July, I mentioned that would be the last time I'd communicate release details to you via email unless we anticipate downtime. That remains true, but I wanted to offer this Community post as a reminder of that, as we do have another upcoming release tomorrow. Below are the release details

The Online Express update will occur the 18th of September, around 11pm EDT (GMT - 4:00).

What’s New in this release?
Technical Upgrades:
We went under the hood and made a few technical enhancements. These changes aren't visible in Online Express, but they'll create better online payment experiences for your users.

For information about new features in previous releases, please review the Online Express New Features Guide.

To be very clear, there should be no downtime during this update to either Online Express or to your web forms. Thank you everyone, and have a nice day!

Travis Richardson
Product Manager, Blackbaud Online Express

#WIIFM Wednesday: What's Next For Online Express?

Hello all my #WIIFM Wednesday readers! Giving season is in full swing which means end of year is quickly approaching. Here at Blackbaud you can hear the rumblings of what 2018 will bring for us as a company! If you are thinking of Online Express 24/7 like I am (I’m not kidding…I literally have dreams about it) the new year may also have you wondering: what does the new year bring for OLX?

For all of you long-term users, I know you’ll agree with me when I say that not much has changed product-wise for Online Express recently. The functionality and interface have stayed generally the same with just a few tweaks here and there. Although we know there is always room for improvements the lack of development in how you think of Online Express today is to dedicate our best resources to developing what we refer to as Next Generation Email Marketing (and eventually Next Generation Donation Forms).

**Disclaimer: The product roadmap is subject to change**

Now for the specifics…

What is Next Gen email marketing and donation forms?
So you’re probably saying, “Tell me a little bit more about this “Next Gen” business and what this means for me.” In short: We are moving your Online Express functionality into your RENXT Web-view. For a quick demo of Next Gen Email Marketing with our Product Manager Chris Martin check out this short youtube video. We are still working hard to build out our functionality around Next Generation donation forms but I can say you can except to see simple, drag-and-drop functionality making building a donation form easier than ever.

When is Next Gen going to be available?
We are currently running an Early Adopters Program for a few clients for Next Gen Email and hope to have it available for general availability in the first half of 2018. We are shooting to have clients in an Early Adopters program of Next Gen Donation Forms by 2H of 2018. Of course, we will keep the community in the know as timelines change!

Why is there a need for Next Gen?
Everything we do at Blackbaud is to connect you with expedited solutions to allow you more time to focus on your mission. By moving Online Express functionality into the web view we are eliminating your need to switch back and forth between RENXT and database view when completing your day to day task allowing you to be more efficient!

How does Next Gen differ from current state OLX?
Since your Next Generation solutions will live in your webview you’ll be able to access this functionality from anywhere without requiring you to install Citrix, log into Blackbaud Hosting Services, then log into RE7 like you do today. Next Gen focuses on developing total solutions that improve your workflows not just developing individual product functionality. For example: being able to build a list of donors, craft an email to send to the donors, and accept donations all from one space!

Interested in having your voice heard on Next Gen features? Head over to the idea bank! In 2017, we released 56 RENXT features with over 1600 votes that were pulled directly from the idea bank.

For more information on the future of RENXT Next Gen check out our Q4 roadmap live presentation tomorrow at 1:00 pm EST. Not able to make it? No problem! We will have a recording and post it to the RENXT resources page as soon as it becomes available.

Posted by Grace Tate on Dec 6, 2017 5:40 PM America/New_York

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