Update: Online Express Data Archiving 6728

Update: Online Express Data Archiving

At Blackbaud, we are committed to continually improving the performance of Blackbaud Online Express™ and one such opportunity we’ve identified is in reducing the volume redundant data stored in Online Express. Online Express currently provides users with access to all historical data since customers began using the system. To improve speed and overall performance while working in the Online Express plugin in Raiser’s Edge® and to prevent problems in the future, we’re planning to archive select types of older transactions.
It’s very important to note that all of the Online Express transaction data we will archive has corresponding records in Raiser’s Edge® and in Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT®. Those records in RE and in RENXT are unimpacted by this Online Express data archiving and you can continue to access them in perpetuity.
What this means for you
No action is required on your part and neither you nor your supporters should experience any service interruption while this archiving is occurring. If you have older, unprocessed Online Express transactions, you can still process them after the archive, regardless of how old the transactions are.
Note that we are archiving, not deleting, this Online Express transaction data. While you won’t have access to the data from within Online Express, Blackbaud will retain it in long-term, secure storage.
What we’re archiving and when
Initially, we will archive data generated prior to January 1st, 2019. Then we’ll continue to archive on a periodic rolling basis. You’ll always have access to 12 full months of data in Online Express.
Beginning this month, we’ll start archiving these types of data:
  • Donation transactions
  • Membership transactions
  • Form views
  • Auto-generated thank-you emails
Note: We will not archive any of your email marketing data. You can continue to access all bulk emails you’ve ever sent through Online Express.
With that said, there are a few places in the Online Express plugin where you may notice a change. 
Donations and Membership Form Stats
On the Donations page in the list of all donation forms, Online Express currently shows a lifetime statistic for each form. The number shows the total revenue raised through the form:

Similarly, the Membership page in the list of all membership forms shows statistics for lifetime form views and total revenue raised:

After the archive is complete, these statistics will only include data since the latest archive date. In the next Online Express release, we're adding text to each statistic to indicate the date range it includes.
Donations Performance Details and Transaction History
The View Performance Details and View Transaction History screens will only show donation transactions since the latest archive date.
For more information
Refer to this knowledgebase article for more information about the archiving of Online Express data and for information on how best to contact Blackbaud if you have additional questions:
Blog Update to Online Express 04/16/2020 3:00pm EDT

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