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Issues Resolved In Version 4.91 Of Altru

A list of resolved issues from version 4.91 of Altru, along with Knowledgebase article links pertaining to each issue. 
Welcome to Altru 4.91. This readme lists the issues resolved in version 4.91 of Altru:
Description KB Article Number
This fix resolves an issue that was related to the Zip Code Report being downloaded to a CSV file and only showing unknown zip codes and countries. 100844
This fix resolves an issue where amounts were double counting on the Pledge Status & Analysis Report that was due to Primary Contacts for organization records being listed twice on records. 96878
This fix resolves an issue that was caused when exporting the print membership card process results to CSV, and the Revenue Amount field did not display the total amount of the membership transaction plus any add-ons or donations received at the time of purchase. 99629
This fix resolves an issue that caused an error when trying to assign permissions to query folders in the information library. Error: The current user does not have rights to use this form. 100339
This fix resolves an issue where the recent member activity counts didn’t match on the recent member activities field of the membership record and the view all button of the recent member activity.   98704
This fix resolves an issue that caused the transaction revenue amount on the record to not match the amount on membership transactions on the membership record. The add-ons may have not been adding up correctly if there were multiple add-ons purchased. 100136
This fix resolves an issue with combination web forms showing two different totals. One total would show the correct amount, and the bottom total would not include fees even though they were included in the top total on the page. 101503
This fix resolves an issue where the Close Drawer report or the Deposit Summary reports may have been taking a long time to load. 98578
This fix resolves an issue where the Registration link may have been resulting in a Runtime error after being sent in a membership renewal. This was due to responsive web forms, and non-responsive templates may have to have been temporarily used. 101863
Posted by Kayla Clark on Jul 13, 2016 1:35 PM America/New_York

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