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Single Sign On Roundup: Top 10 Things You Need To Know

The majority of our customers have now gone through the Single Sign On transition and been upgraded to version 4.98.  Like a great Dave Letterman show, I’m here with a Top 10 list for SSO.  I’ve compiled 10 need to know things we’re getting questions about so you’re prepared and ready for a smooth transition.

1. You must create a account!—  By tomorrow morning, every customer will have the new Blackbaud ID Single Sign On functionality.  For those of you who have not been updated yet, we strongly recommend inviting users to and have them create accounts today, if you have not already, so that tomorrow’s log in is as smooth as possible.  Pro Tip: if you also update your email address in Altru to match the email you use on, when SSO rolls out tomorrow, you will not even have to enter your old Altru credentials or go through the 1 time link accounts process.  Altru and Blackbaud ID will seamlessly link and once you log into Blackbaud ID, you’ll be logged into Altru. 

2. Didn’t receive the invitation email to create your account? If you’re trying to prepare in advance, but your users are not receiving the invitation to join, follow these steps, such as checking your junk or spam folder, deleting cookies, and more.

3. Some of your users are being logged off from inactivity…what is the time limit before log out and is there a way to extend how long it takes for it to time out?  After 15 minutes of inactivity, your Blackbaud ID automatically signs out.  This is in accordance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).  You will not be logged out if you are running a business process (such as a mailing, query, or report) or you can refresh your browser to ensure you will not be logged out. 

4. Error Message during Daily Sales or Advance Sales transactions—You may receive the error message: Data form could not be loaded: Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'ADDEDBYID,’ table ‘dbo.Salesorder’;column does not allow nulls.  INSERT fails.  BBERR_ORIGINAL_ERROR:515 BBERR_ORIGINAL_PROCEDURE:USP_DATAFORMTEMPLATE_ADD_ORDERCREATECHECK  BBER_ORIGINAL_LINE_NUMBER:55.   

To resolve this error, clear your cache, then close and reopen your browser to resolve.

5. You must whitelist IP addresses. Whitelisting IP addresses fixes a variety of issues, and we encourage you to do this proactively.  Now that Altru’s login functionality uses login functionality, we must also whitelist IPs to ensure a successful login experience for all users. 

Here are some issues that may be fixed by whitelisting IPs:
A few users don't see the "Welcome, Person's Name" in the upper right. They just see "Sign In"  

If you have taken the Single Sign On steps to link your accounts and you are logged into Altru, don’t worry—you are associated with your org and your transactions will link to your name.  This will be resolved when your organization whitelists IP addresses.

If you have front desk computers locked down with strict firewall access, you’ll need to whitelist these IPs to ensure they can actually use Altru.

6. User not associated with an org when he/she logs into or user does not show under Manage Users on This typically occurs if a user creates a new account instead of confirming the invitation sent by the Site Administrator from  This can cause them to not have access to Customer Support and they will also not show under Manage Users on  The good news is that the user will still have access to Altru, so they are able to do their immediate tasks and can be resolved later.  To resolve this, refer to our Knowledgebase article.

7. Some users may receive an error when linking accounts Error: Account is not valid: You may be entering the wrong Altru credentials.  Follow these Knowledgebase steps to correct the issue.

8. When logging into Altru and on the Blackbaud ID screen, users may receive an error: Check the email address or passwords for typos, or select 'Sign in with Google' below: Try resetting your password, then logging in again.

9. Use your same URL and bookmarks for Altru after Single Sign On.  You can continue to use the same Altru URL or bookmarks that you always have.  However, with Single Sign On, if you are already working on, you can also click on the dropdown next to the words on the top left corner and select Altru to log into your Altru database in an alternative way.

10. Cannot log into Altru using Internet Explorer after 4.98, works in Chrome – Some users may be able to work in Altru in Google Chrome, but not in Internet Explorer after the update.  You may receive an error: Oops! Something went wrong. Make sure cookies are enabled, and sign in again.  To resolve this, ensure cookies are enabled, then clear cache, close browser, and sign in again.  We are also currently evaluating this with our Product Development team.
Posted by Jessica Dunkerley on Nov 9, 2017 2:01 PM America/New_York

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