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May And June Certified Users

Sorry for the delay, folks! It's July and time to celebrate our May & June Altru Certified Community Members. I saw a bunch of names I've met in classes during the past two months...congratulations to each of you!

Jordan Baker
Kayla Sewell
Belle Forino
Katrina Heller
Brigitte Austin
Erica Ando
Dionne Cardenas
Nandine Hemraj
Samantha Wilson
Lisa Dziepak
Mila Pinigin
Nick Gaffney
Jessica McHugh
Melissa Hilton
Daniel Pham
Elizabeth Gromko
Lauren Monosov
Emily Quinn

Chris Miller
Lynda O'Byrne
Mariela Acuna
Lisa Flynn
Dee-Ann Calderon
Heather Kerner
Brooke Maake
Tina Heffner
Anna Kuhlman
James Hays
Natalie McKinstrie
Katrina Rudolph
Julie Olson Anna

Happy July, all!
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Posted by Mary Aquino on Jul 3, 2018 9:26 AM America/New_York

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