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Altru Tableau Visualization Project

Edit: The files are now available here:

Hi all!

My name is Luke Hedgren, and I am a Data Analyst on the Altru team. I am here to announce an upcoming project that we have been working on. If you came to (or viewed) our BBCon session about Reporting in Living Color, you may have an idea of what we are doing.

With the recent announcement that Tableau was giving away free licenses to Tableau Desktop for all non-profits that have a budget under $5 million, we decided to put together a package of reports and visualizations that all Altru clients can use. They pull data using Altru queries and the corresponding Odata feeds generated by those queries.

We hope that this package can be useful, and can be inspiring as a jumping off point for you to create new reports, or for us to assist you with through our Altru Services team.

What can you do?
  1. Go here to apply for your free version of Tableau Desktop if you qualify!
  2. Go here to sign up for our roadmap call that will have more info regarding this projec!.
  3. Watch this space for the exact detail on how you can get this free package for your organization!


Posted by Luke Hedgren on Mar 4, 2016 3:23 PM America/New_York

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