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Support Day Of Caring Recap - Q2

On Friday, May 16, 2014, a group from Blackbaud Support was given the great opportunity to work with Charleston Parks Conservancy  to build raised beds for a community park on Sycamore Drive in West Ashley, South Carolina.

Founded in 2007, Charleston Parks Conservancy is modeled after Central Park Conservancy in New York. It is an urban garden designed to bring neighbors together in the community. Raised beds can be leased to grow whatever plants they wish. Most people that lease these raised beds are not able to create gardens at their homes, for one reason or another. In addition to leasing beds, Charleston Parks Conservancy has several beds dedicated to growing produce to donate to local food banks.

That day, we were all considered Park Angels - volunteers who help set up the community gardens so those who have leased the beds can utilize them. Our tasks for the day included: building raised beds, covering the paths with gardening fabric and mulch, filling the beds with soil and compost, and cutting back weeds/vines on the surrounding chain link fence.

Leaving the project, we were sweaty, hot, sore, and a bit sunburned but it was well worth the time, effort, and energy to beautify the community. This experience opened our eyes to how easy it can be to bring neighbors together with a shared interest and how beneficial the cause is to those who utilize local food banks. It was a great day of sunshine, camaraderie (#teammulch), and learning about a great organization. We are looking forward to our Q3 Support Day of Caring!

Q2 Support Day of Caring

Before: They sure look clean, don't they?

Q2 Support Day of Caring

After: "WE DID IT!"

Photos provided by Nikki Seigler.

Posted by Laura Fletcher on May 27, 2014 5:00 AM America/New_York

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