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Support Day Of Caring Recap – Q3

On Friday July 25, a group of Blackbaud Support employees had the opportunity to travel to Pet Helpers on James Island to make an impact on our local four-legged community. Pet Helpers is a nonprofit shelter dedicated to ending euthanasia and finding homes for animals. The volunteers and staff were excited to have a group of enthusiastic volunteers.

Entering the shelter, we were immediately immersed in an animal safe haven. The entire building was filled with adoptable animals that were happy to greet us. The site was overwhelming with friendly staff and colorful supplies, especially once we were walked to the back warehouse. The entire room was over-flowing with a variety of pet and event supplies. Our team immediately went to work. We were sorting through piles of dog and cat food and treats, cleaning and organizing travel crates for happy trips to new homes and helping move paperwork from successful past adoptions. Sheets and towels were piled well above our heads after we sorted and folded each one. We were able to make the warehouse much more manageable and easier to navigate. Supplies are easier to access and locate for future adoptions.

Throughout the day, we were able to discuss needs and goals for the shelter. The welcoming staff explained that just helping find what is available for the animals in the warehouse is a great time saver and will certainly increase the efficiency of the organization. The building is full of compassionate staff members with a main mission to find each pet a loving home.

After spending the day carrying heavy boxes of event decor, moving bags of dog food and sorting mountains of linens, we were all exhausted. To truly experience and understand Pet Helper’s mission, we were able to spend social time with those who call it their home. The dogs and cats we eager to be held and spend time with friendly humans.  Not only did this experience all of our eyes to the everyday on-goings of a nonprofit in our own backyard but it also inspired us to help give a voice to all of the adoptable animals who cannot speak for themselves. We are all very grateful for our Day of Caring experience and can't wait for the next one!

Blackbaud Support helping Pet Helpers
Posted by Jennifer Tubman on Aug 1, 2014 7:00 AM America/New_York

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