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Renewal Time? Make Sure Your Software Is Updated!

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Our goal at Blackbaud is to help you achieve your mission through our software.  In order to do this, we are constantly making improvements and updates to our software.  These updates are available to all customers with an active maintenance program. Our updates may include improvements to current features, patches to correct bugs or new tools to help you make the most out of your software.

If you have a product that is hosted by Blackbaud, we will automatically push these updates and patches out to you.  If you host your software in-house, you can follow the steps below to download updates and patches as they are released:

1. Log into your account on

2. Detailed information about each version and patch is associated with each product in the Downloads section of our website. You will only see available downloads on the products for which your organization has active maintenance. You will not be able to see downloads immediately after creating or updating your website profile; downloads will become available later that day. If you work with multiple organizations, and need to access downloads for another organization, change your default organization; the name of the organization your login is currently associated with is listed at the top of the Downloads page.

3. Select a product to download and review the notes, readme, compatibility information, instructions, and system requirements before downloading an update or patch. You may also download a new sample database for training and testing.

Download Tips: This will help prevent downloads from timing out

  • Download using a high speed Internet connection.
  • Do not use a download manager. Instead, select Downloads from the Support menu, click your product, and click the file.
  • Download at non-peak times and ensure your network allows file downloads.
  • Delete temporary Internet files.
  • Delete cookies.
  • Click Save only once and verify you are downloading to a local drive, instead of a mapped drive, on the server or workstation.
  • Download using a non-wireless connection.
  • Check and adjust your firewall, proxy, and browser settings. For assistance, contact your IT professional.

o   Add,, and to the list of trusted sites on the workstation and server, to your browser connection exceptions, and to the Access Control List of your Content Security Management software.

o   Enable your firewall and proxy server to post the referring URLs.

o   Remove any spyware from your computer that may act as a proxy server and remove the referring URL.

If your network does not have the capacity to download the file, (e.g. you use a dial-up connection), create a case to request a CD. In the case notes, include the product name and version number and indicate you were not able to download the update

We also encourage you to subscribe to your products' release announcements to be notified the day after we release versions or patches.

We value you as customers, and we want to ensure that our software is helping you achieve your mission. You can get the most out of your Blackbaud products by keeping up-to-date with updates and patches.

As always, if you have any questions about Blackbaud feel free to reach out to the renewals team by email at
Posted by Ashley Adams on Sep 3, 2014 3:05 PM America/New_York

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