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Donuts For Toys For Tots: Support Gives Back Recap

As 2014 comes to an end, we wanted to share a special story with you all inspired by a holiday favorite! 

‘Twas a crisp morn at Blackbaud, and across our low country acres
Not a creature was stirring, not even the donut makers.
Encouraging signs were hung in the Atrium with care,
In hopes that our donut-eating champs would soon be there.

The Support teams arrived via cars, trucks, and sleds,
While visions of coffee and donuts danced through our heads.
With Dorie in her Blackbaud shirt, complete with buttons and snaps
We perched with coffee in hand, and laptops in laps.

When in the bright light of morning, there arose such a clatter
Blackbaud Support rose to their feet to see what was the matter.
Laptops and coffee were stowed in a flash
To the atrium they hustled, toppling chairs with a clash!

The scent of fresh donuts, so fantastically sweet
Caused stomachs to rumble, anticipating a treat
When, what to our wandering eyes should appear,
But a bevy of donuts and a team of our best donut-eating peers.


With a delivery group, so fun, lively and quick,
We suddenly knew: “Rebecca’s up to old tricks!”
The contestants lined up, at the prize they did aim
And Dorie shouted, and cheered, and called them by name!

“Now Marshall and Aunt Rochelle! Sheilah and Jamie, time’s a wastin’!
On Ryan! On Kim! Go Duffy, Greg, Joe, Ronni and Jason!
Empty those donut boxes! Empty the lot!
You’ve already won, by collecting donations for Toys for Tots!”

As children throughout the country face hard times and strife,
Toys for Tots works hard to bring holiday joy to their life.
Because the strongest of soldiers have the biggest of hearts
Toys for Tots is the partner with whom Blackbaud’s holiday starts.

As donuts flew into gobs a-racing
The support teams ears perked at a sound most embracing
The anticipated laughter of children, both girls and boys
Who would enjoy a Christmas morning filled with presents and toys.

For while Support spent their morning covered in donuts and glaze
The night before had been spent buying toys with the money they’d raised.
Nearly three thousand dollars buys a lot of sweet toys
And makes Christmas brighter for 309 girls and boys.


But back to our donuts and the end of this poem.
Our winner, Ryan, arose from his seat with a moan.
We won’t describe his belly, nose, laugh, or beard here,
Instead, we’ll simply say “Happy Holidays and to all a Happy New Year!”

Posted by Holly Herbert on Dec 19, 2014 6:00 AM America/New_York

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