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And The Winners Are.....

Last month, we asked you to Rise to the Challenge. Boy, YOU DID! We had a ton of great engagement, blog entries, and Community member spotlights. 

By the numbers:
  • 57 Community Member Spotlight Submissions
  • 11 Blog Submissions
  • 5,301 friend requests
  • 6,076 likes given
Those are just a few! Overall, everyone really stepped up to the challenge and we are THRILLED. *que the confetti cannon*


It's time to announce the winners of the Rise to the Challenge contest. They received a free pass to this year's bbcon in Washington, D.C. Take a moment and friend them, then congratulate them on their page!

Zar Castillo
Sunshine Watson (Read more about here HERE)
Amy Dana (Read more about her HERE)
Cathy Spencer
Tasha Gibson (Read more about her HERE)

Congrats to our winners! Be sure to check out Amy's blog, "How to bbcon" and Tasha's blog, "A Quick Playlist for Preparing Multi-Year Advancement Charts."

Stay informed of all bbcon happenings by checking out the bbcon Community.

Thanks to everyone who participated in Rise to the Challenge. Stay tuned - more exciting opportunities are coming your way!

Posted by Crystal Bruce on Sep 14, 2016 12:56 PM America/New_York

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