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It’s Here! It’s Here! Bbcon Is Here!

We’re excited to announce the day you were all waiting for is here – bbcon 2016! 3596751ba128f2d4779c08410102c590-huge-ya

Your Community Managers wanted to bring a bit of bbcon right to you and your desk. How are we doing that? Check it out:
  • Join a Big Green Couch Chat where Blackbaud nonprofit experts will discuss various topics to help your organization succeed. These 30 minute talks are coming straight from the bbcon floor so you can soak up the excitement. For more information and register, head over to the bbcon events page.
  • Keep tabs on what’s happening on social media! Head to the bbcon social tab and see what’s happening online. Let the warm fuzzies take over when you realize that for every bbcon hashtag, Blackbaud will be donating to Bread for the City.
  • Your Community Managers will be blogging about bbcon this year and will include daily recaps. Head over to the bbcon blog and subscribe today for your updates. The first post is up recapping Dr. Natalia Kanem’s inspiring keynote speech.  
  • Finally, we're kicking off something new in our Best Practices area just in time for bbcon - polls! Answer two quick questions about your organization's sustained giving practices and join the discussion to hear from fellow members. Learn more here: Sustained Giving Poll.
Are you ready to kick off an amazing bbcon here in the Community? Share your excitement below and let's help #goodtakeover! 
Posted by Shannon Emery on Oct 25, 2016 3:00 PM America/New_York