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Holly's Helpful Hints: How To See Into The Future

2016 has been a year of growth and evolution for the Blackbaud Community and today I am proud to announce the most recent step in that evolution - the SKY API Community.

The SKY API Community gives you a glimpse into the future of nonprofit technology. You may have heard about a cool demo at bbcon this year with Amazon's Alexa. Here's how it went:

Imagine saying:
Alexa, find Robert Hernandez.
Alexa, what is his most recent gift?
Alexa, what is his largest gift?
Alexa, what is his major gift capacity?
Alexa, add a confidential note to Robert Hernandez.

And Alexa answers you.

Pretty wild, right? Well, using SKY API, this skill (developed as a proof of concept) and so many more are now possibilities. You can learn more about the Alexa proof of concept skill (and see the video) here.

To access the SKY API Community, go to the products drop down at the top of the community and click on "SKY API."

If you are interested in following along in the evolution of SKY API, update your product selections (here's a reminder on how that's done) to include SKY API.

Finally, if you have ideas for new opportunities in the Blackbaud Community for 2017, sound off in the comments below.

Welcome to the future, Blackbaud Community Members! It's looking pretty awesome!
Posted by Holly Herbert on Dec 8, 2016 10:59 AM America/New_York