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Community Happenings: Feb 14 2017

Have you heard? There’s a cherub flying around and shooting people with arrows in the name of love today! If you’re wondering what I’m talking about or if I've gone off my rocker – HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!
Today is a day of chocolates, flowers, and the ultimate four letter word – LOVE. Whether you grimace at the sight of all the red and pink or smile with glee, we can all agree that lovely things are happening in the Community.
Wow, that rhymed and I wasn’t even trying.
Let’s get to it!
Make an Appearance  
Stay Informed  
Get Involved  
Finally, I’ll share one of my favorite things that came out of the Community last week – Blackbaud Community Valentines. Feel free to save them and share with your fellow community members & colleagues.
Alright favorite community ever, who’s ready for the candy sales tomorrow? Like my post if you’ll be taking advantage of the post-Valentine’s Day sales. I know I will! Love or not, 50% off chocolate always has my heart. 
Posted by Shannon Emery on Feb 14, 2017 12:08 PM America/New_York

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The updates on Community News/Happenings are helpful. Thank you. 
  • Posted Tue 21 Feb 2017 07:00 AM EST
Thanks Eileen! I appreciate your feedback. Congrats on being our Member Spotlight last week! :)
  • Posted Tue 21 Feb 2017 08:11 AM EST