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Our Community Is Growing!

Welcome to the Community, RELO & everydayhero!
We’d like to introduce you to our latest communities: everydayhero and RELO!
everydayhero is a peer-to-peer fundraising platform that makes it easy for individuals and non profits to harness the power of giving. If you are running a marathon or holding a local bake sale, everydayhero can help. The new Community is a space to discuss fundraising ideas, submit ideas to the everydayhero team, and we even have a special section for you to share your mission!
If you’re a user of the RELO connector, you may have wondered where to go for the best community resources. Raiser’s Edge? Luminate? Or both? Now there is a place in the Blackbaud Community just for you.

The RELO Community space is unique in that it aggregates all of the best RELO content from both the Raiser’s Edge and the Luminate communities, as well as offers a dedicated discussion space for all of your questions and feedback regarding the RELO Connector.

Be sure to add these products if you are interested in joining their communities. (Check out your profile to add products)
Welcome to the Community family, everydayhero and RELO members! We are excited to have you here. 
Posted by Crystal Bruce on Apr 4, 2017 10:46 AM America/New_York

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