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Deadline Today -- Win A Pass To Bbcon!

Tick tock! You have until the end of the day today (5pm est) to get your "essays" in for our Summer School contest.
It's time to get those entries in! We are giving away TWO bbcon 2017 passes in the "essay" portion of our Summer School contest. We are looking for 2-3 paragraphs on a nonprofit best practice. 

Here's a look at the AWESOME blogs submitted so far (for inspo):
  • Donor Relations
  • Budget Tracking Using T-Codes
  • Direct Response Testing Methodology
  • Tips for a Smooth Audit
  • How to Triple Your Organization's Impact in Your Community
  • Sort and Code - It's Worth It!
  • Updating Old Gifts or Just Move Forward?
  • Categorizing Your Appeals
  • Active Portfolios
You will get to read all of these blogs during the voting portion of our contest! 

Here are some topic suggestions:
  • Email communications
  • Fundraising appeals
  • Social media tips
  • Online giving tips
  • Mobile giving tips
  • Fund accounting basics
  • Engaging millennials
  • Donor retention
  • Donor acquisition
  • Donor stewardship
  • Campaigns
  • Events
Don't forget - Holly wrote a great blog on how to write a great blog! It's HERE if you want to review it before submitting your work.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SUBMIT YOUR BLOG HERE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

We need TEN blogs to qualify this contest. We are now at NINE (so close.) One more is all we need to make sure everyone who has submitted a blog will have a chance to win.

Also, BIG CONGRATS to our leaderboard winners last week: 

JoAnn Strommen
JoAnne Felci
Ryan Hyde
Joshua Bekerman
Christine Cooke
Jen Claudy
Cathy Spencer
Mercedes McKay-Read
Toby Burgess
Heather MacKenzie

Give them a shout-out on their profile walls. They deserve it!

I'll be collecting the top ten today for week 2. If blogging isn't your style, check out how to earn points and try to crack the top ten

Good luck!
Posted by Crystal Bruce on Jul 21, 2017 11:15 AM America/New_York