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Community Happenings: August 23 2017

Hi Community!
Sorry you all haven’t heard from me in a week or so. I was sick last week and it reminded me that it’s important to stop and take care of yourself.5f0957a8c01536eeb6cca17ca863c897-huge-ta 

Today I’ll remind each of you to do the same. Your missions are important so if you don’t take care of yourself that’s one less person making the world a better place. Now more than ever we need you to be in tip top shape so take a few minutes each day to think about YOU. 

Take a walk, schedule a day off, read a new book, or eat your favorite breakfast food so you can be the best version of yourself.  Corny? Perhaps but also true. Once you’re refreshed, you’ll find new energy to make your mission a reality.
Now let’s see what’s happening in the Community:
Make an Appearance Stay Informed
  • Deciding what to do at bbcon? Hear from Joshua Bekerman about what he’s planning on doing while in Baltimore. Superhero capes are optional.
  • Community meet Brent Troth in this week’s member spotlight. An avid knitter with two adorable dogs, Brent is also our bbcon 2017 video contest winner. Woohoo Brent!
Get Involved Alright, that’s it for now. Video digests will return next week but let’s all hear it for Sally Hutchins who won my chair dancing drawing! I’m so glad you all enjoyed the video and can’t wait to do more. See you all next week, favorite community!
Posted by Shannon Emery on Aug 23, 2017 5:04 PM America/New_York

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Hope you are feeling better Shannon!!!  And congrats to Sally!  :)
  • Posted Fri 25 Aug 2017 09:44 AM EDT
Thank you, Joanne! I am indeed feeling better - thought I was going to be buying stock in Kleenex last week :)
  • Posted Fri 25 Aug 2017 09:56 AM EDT