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Community Happenings: November 7 2017

Hello Community!
ad4639943c94452a2fd8bd6680debec7-huge-faLast weekend I made my first fall wreath and a turkey luminary. As I shopped, I couldn’t find a lot of fall items. I checked the date on my phone because all I could see was red, green, white, and a certain large man who shimmies down chimneys.
It dawned on me that we are always in a hurry to get to the next big thing. Holidays, work, vacations, whatever it is, we’re running at it full speed and end up overlooking the small things. I’m 100% guilty of this but as this year rapidly ends, I’ve decided to slow down and enjoy it all.
That includes the eyeless turkey luminary that scared me in the kitchen. Turns out eyeless turkeys are terrifying. Who knew. Regardless, slow down and take it all in because we don’t get the small moments back. Even the terrifying ones at 6 AM.
Alright, take one of those moments and see what’s happening in the Community:
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Have you had any small moments that you enjoyed recently? Share below. 
Posted by Shannon Emery on Nov 7, 2017 9:29 AM America/New_York

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I have a hilarious image in my brain of you being scared by an eyeless turkey this morning and can't help but laugh at it. :)
  • Posted Tue 07 Nov 2017 10:04 AM EST
It's so small it shouldn't be terrifying but it was creepy with the tea light in it. The turkey will get eyes tonight! :) 
  • Posted Tue 07 Nov 2017 10:27 AM EST
I think we need a picture of the "eyeless turkey luminary" Maybe a before and after the eye surgery?
  • Posted Tue 07 Nov 2017 11:06 AM EST
Before/after pics of the turkey luminary are on the way! I'm just glad no one reported me for the being crazy blogger talking about eyeless turkeys. 
  • Posted Tue 07 Nov 2017 11:21 AM EST
I am so with you on this! I went to the mall yesterday and it's Christmas EVERYWHERE. It's like November doesn't exist. Good on your for your creepy eyeless turkey. Chimney man can wait.
  • Posted Wed 08 Nov 2017 04:49 PM EST
Thanks, Shannon, for these thoughts.  I appreciate the encouragement to slow down. So true that we don't get the small moments back. Enjoy each one :) 
I agree with the need to see the eyeless turkey.  Love the wreath. That's an awesome bow!
  • Posted Thu 30 Nov 2017 08:56 AM EST
D'aww! Thanks, Cathy! I think next week's Community Happenings will re-explore what happened to my turkey luminaries. :)
  • Posted Thu 30 Nov 2017 09:12 AM EST