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Community Happenings: Jan 17 2018

Hello Community!
Last week I did something new – I went on a cruise. This means I willingly got on a floating city with a whole slew of other people to see 90’s hip hop artists perform for four days.
0c1af6dd985d5a024f86eadc1608812c-huge-suI won’t go into details because what happens on international seas stays on international seas. I may not find myself on a cruise any time soon but I can check the experience off my list. I encourage you to do the same – step outside of your comfort zone, you never know what you’ll learn and the memories will last a lifetime.
I did take a piece of you all with me since a cruise is basically a floating community and it felt right to be rocking our awesome sunglasses. As people asked, I was proud to say I was the Community Manager for world changers. That’s you, by the way.
Now onto the Community:
Make an Appearance Stay Informed
  • Keep donors engaged can be difficult – join us & Dan Reed with World Food Program USA to discuss tips and tricks to make your sustained giving program successful.
Get Involved
  • Have you seen the Jobs board lately? There are a lot of new job listings. Take a look – your next career step could be right here in the Community.
Alright, favorite Community, that’s what I have for you for now. I want to hear about what you learned in the Community last week. Share with me below and I’ll draw a random winner for a goodie from me!
See you next week! 
Posted by Shannon Emery on Jan 17, 2018 9:17 AM America/New_York

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I was on the cruise with Shannon and can confirm that what happens on a cruise - stays on a cruise! :-)
  • Posted Wed 17 Jan 2018 09:39 AM EST
So about last week..... I wasn't cruising, but instead was working hard on my 1099s!  I watch a webinar about 1099s.  Carlin Cole is an awesome presenter!  Great info and now I have the confidence needed to finish my 1099s!!

  • Posted Thu 18 Jan 2018 08:27 AM EST
Sondi, you mean you were cruising along through the 1099 process? :) Glad to hear those webinars are so helpful! I'm going to pass that along to Carlin. Good luck! 
  • Posted Thu 18 Jan 2018 08:33 AM EST
I need more C & C Music Factory stories, videos, whatever.  something! 
  • Posted Thu 18 Jan 2018 09:42 AM EST
Last week, I reflected that thankfully I have never been in the position that something has been seriously broken on RE such that it needs to be restored from a previous version. The good folks at BB are backing up our database at a good rate of knots so that I don't have to think about it, and with their help, restoring from backup would be an infrequent occurrence for us all (I hope!).
That being said, I learned that restoring from backup is a last resort for me as there may be some data loss on the RENXT side of things ( It wouldn't be catastrophic as the amount of data entered using RENXT is still limited for us as we are relatively new to that side of RE.

Nevertheless, it was a timely reminder to make sure we keep our permissions/security settings up to date and to be careful when making major changes to the database! (Watch that global delete button, folks!)
  • Posted Mon 22 Jan 2018 07:51 PM EST
Well I learned something new today, Andrew, that's for sure and I'm glad you saw that in the Community. I'm going to forward that discussion to our Raiser's Edge CM to see if there's anything Blackbaud can add to that conversation. 
  • Posted Tue 23 Jan 2018 08:59 AM EST