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Community Happenings: November 6, 2018

Well hey there Community buck-a-roos!

Ray from the Community Management Team here for my first ever Community Happenings (hitching) Post.

Time to take a gander at some Community roundup news. Grab something to eat from the chuck wagon and mosey on over to the fire as you catch up with everything Community on this Pony Express.

(I wholeheartedly promise never to go “Old West” themed on my writing ever again.)


Congratulations to our Fall-o-ween Profile photo contest winner: Sherri Muske with Edison Ford Estates. Sherri paid loving tribute to her dog, Coco, in her profile photo. Sadly, Coco didn't make it to this Halloween, but in her 13 years, she loved getting dressed up like last year when she went as a hula dancer.  Take a moment to stop by her profile and congratulate her on Coco's big win!

Sherris's dog, Coco in her finest hula wear.

Get those holiday photos ready! We will be announcing a holiday themed profile contest soon!


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  • Learning Fast from #GivingTuesday Results and Fine-Tuning Year-End Email Campaigns
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  • Ever thought about what you’d be like as a superhero? What would YOUR superpower be? 
Drop on by the community discussion and weigh in.

Thanks for being part of our rootin’ tootin’ Community roundup this week.  Hopefully it helped you catch up after falling back with the time change this week.  Post your story on how the time change is affecting you in the comments below and we'll pick one story to win a $5 Starbucks gift card for an apple cider on us!
Posted by Ray Bergman on Nov 6, 2018 2:37 PM America/New_York

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How is the time change affecting me?  Well, I feel like relate more to my inner Vampire!  I wake up, it's dark.  I work in an office in the basement with no windows.  I go home, you guessed it!  It's DARK!   Oh, and did I mention that I live in North Dakota so it's COLD!   It's snowing today and apple cider would go a long way to warm me up - hold the garlic please! LOL!
  • Posted Tue 06 Nov 2018 04:38 PM EST
Wow Julie Lytle‍ - I'm going to leave this here specifically for you.

Image result for beach views gif
  • Posted Tue 06 Nov 2018 05:11 PM EST
Not sure I should try to top Julie Lytle‍...yes it’s dark when I wake and dark when I leave work and no windows, but not in ND and no snow. But still confused when I get in the car and try to figure out what time the clock really should be, and discover other clocks that don’t auto-update...gotten spoiled with cell phones & computers that do.
  • Posted Tue 06 Nov 2018 07:15 PM EST
I personally like the time change.  Much easier to wake up in the mornings and get going on my day when it's not dark outside!
  • Posted Wed 07 Nov 2018 12:18 PM EST
The time change has not really affected me all that much. I can say I feel more refreshed, but I think it is because it gets dark earlier and I am going to bed at a decent hour. Julie Lytle‍, I am in Iowa so I feel some of your pain. Cold (no snow yet). Damp. Dark when I leave. Fortunately I do work in an office with windows.

Maybe you could try getting out of the "basement" during breaks and lunch?

I think you need a cup of the warm stuff from Starbucks. Blessings.
  • Posted Wed 07 Nov 2018 01:50 PM EST
Here in Arizona, we have plenty of daylight so we don't have to save it. It means that we're only 2 hours behind East Coast Time instead of 3 hours. I don't have to wake up at oh dark thirty to take a webinar. 
  • Posted Wed 07 Nov 2018 02:17 PM EST
We're gonna hold you to that promise, pardner...
  • Posted Wed 07 Nov 2018 02:42 PM EST
Julie Lytle‍ That's some serious contention for having the time change rock your world.  I think you might have set the bar.  I can only imagine how cold it gets there!

Joan Perry‍ I've actually forgotten where I parked my car because I got here when it was dark and left as the sun was setting and it seemed like days ago I parked in my current spot.

Barb Faasse‍ - This really is the time of year for morning people.  Just becoming more and more productive!

Karen Tuecke‍ - I have friends headed to Iowa and the Midwest now for deer season and they are all posting on Facebook and sending images of how beautiful it is there right now.  But hey're from warm South Carolina and the "crisp" morning air is sending them for a loop.

Amanda Shauger‍ - Do you like it better without changing for Daylight Savings?  I know Arizona is one of the few states that doesn't participate, and come Spring, I know I'd relish living somewhere where I don't lose an hour.

Shelly Gammieri‍  - I said no more "old west".  Now I didn't say anything about "wild west", "cowboy day", "talk like a cowboy day", "Oregon Trail themed", etc, etc, etc...
  • Posted Thu 08 Nov 2018 10:20 AM EST
Ray Bergman‍ I hope your friends have good luck on their hunt. Hopefully this frigid weather does not keep them inside too long. Blessings to you and to them!
  • Posted Thu 08 Nov 2018 12:28 PM EST
It didn't slow them down one bit!
  • Posted Thu 15 Nov 2018 02:18 PM EST
Just making sure we post the winner of the mini prize which will go to Julie Lytle‍ to keep her warm in her basement in North Dakota! I'll reach out to you shortly, Julie! :) 
  • Posted Wed 28 Nov 2018 09:59 AM EST
THANK YOU so much!!!! How fun!
  • Posted Wed 28 Nov 2018 10:26 AM EST