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The Buzz: With Honors Edition

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Good Morning Community!

A short clip from our AV Club (courtesy: Some Good News) kicks things off today:

College, high school, middle school, kindergarten, and pre-school graduates are all coming up with special ways to celebrate their graduation in unique and different ways.  From drive-thru graduations to socially distant diploma ceremonies, graduates this year have become creative and innovative towards something that has been a longstanding tradition.

We'd love to hear your favorite story or graduation experience that you've seen so far in the comments below.

And now, on to THE BUZZ 


BBCON 2020 Virtual Will Be FREE To All Attendees


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FIMS: Recording Now Available - 6/3 Virtual Forum For Foundations

FIMS: Recording Now Available - 6/2 Virtual Forum For Community Foundations

FIMS: Recording Now Available -  5/28 Virtual Foundations Meetup Event

FENXT: Skipping Past That Broken Record


P2P: Individuals Livestream To Fight Racial Injustice

RENXT: New App Marketplace Apps For Text Messaging And Custom Reporting

SKY DEVELOPER: New Webhook Gift Event Types

SKY DEVELOPER: Changes To The Event API (Beta)



Vermont / New Hampshire RE User's Group (June 15)

LUMINATE: Mobilizing Participant Center 3 for Your Organization and Fundraisers (June 16)

Jump Start Your Online Giving: Supplement with P2P Fundraising Today (June 17)

TeamRaiser Community Call (June 18)

Dashboards in FE NXT (June 18)

FENXT: Audit Prep Series: End of Year and Quarter Practices (June 25)

ONLINE EVENT: Impact Measurement - Fidelity Charitable Trustees’ Initiative (June 25)

FENXT Virtual Open Office Hour (June 30)


Posted by Ray Bergman on Jun 10, 2020 12:09 PM America/New_York

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How does one find a local RE Users' Group like the ones posted here.

I'm in Greenville, SC. :)
  • Posted Wed 10 Jun 2020 04:42 PM EDT
Graduation experience: our eighth grader missed many typical "end of elementary/junior high" experiences. Her school didn't even get to prepare for the COVID shutdown because they happened to be off when our governor announced the closing so they didn't get to see everyone "one last time." Since we could not have a regular Mass for the students, each student was invited to come into the church with his/her parents, was given flowers and we processed down the aisle. Father gave her a blessing, the principal was there to give her certificate of completion and the computer teacher took lots of pictures. When we walked out the other door of the church, another teacher took outside pictures and she received all her awards and a remembrance book of pictures. It definitely wasn't the same but having teachers there to see again, greeting and cheering them, and having additional pictures taken we wouldn't have done otherwise was really great.
  • Posted Thu 11 Jun 2020 09:09 AM EDT
Hi AnnMarie Schell‍ 
So without knowing anyone in your area, there are two ways to go about getting together:
1 - Go to the member search area (Members > Member Search) and use the filters to find individuals you might want to connect with.  You can also use the location finder when it comes to finding a larger group of people within your general geographic range.
2 - Start your own regional group event on our calendar.  Obviously booking a hotel ballroom isn't going to happen during the pandemic, but now is a great time to set up a virtual meeting and invite people from the Greenville area!  (But when things DO open back up a bit, might I suggest getting together at D'Allesandro's pizza in downtown Greenville - 17 Mohawk Dr, Greenville, SC 29609 - They're my absolute favorite!)
  • Posted Thu 11 Jun 2020 02:15 PM EDT
Ray Bergman, Thanks for the info!
  • Posted Fri 12 Jun 2020 08:52 AM EDT