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It Takes A Community: Find The Content You Want With Bookmarks!

You just read the most helpful advice from a fellow Blackbaud Community member in a forum post and think to yourself "I will need this information two months from now, do I really have to save this email for two months?"  The answer is no!  The Blackbaud Community has a Bookmark Feature just for this situation!  Click the title to read more.
The number one reason why members come to the Blackbaud Community is to ask questions and learn from others.  Our Community is thriving with thoughtful questions and detailed answers.  Many of you may be aware of how the "Most Popular" tab in the discussion forums can quickly help you find the most popular topics in the past 120 days, and the "My Topics" tab can help you quickly find the discussion questions that you posted, but according to our reports the "Bookmark" feature is a hidden gem that could get more use in the Community.  


Join these Blackbaud Community Members who already use the bookmark feature for forums, blogs, resources and events to quickly find the content that is important to them 24 hours, 7 days a week!

.......Scroll to see an example of how to use the feature....

How to use the bookmark feature:

1.  Read an amazing answer to a question you did not post.

2. Click the bookmark button 

3. Go to My Community > My Community Dashboard > Scroll down a little and look on your right for My Bookmarks


If you want a more hands on approach to learn about the features mentioned in this blog, then be one of the first 30 people to RSVP for either of the two Collaborating in the Community: August Webinars.  

Get practice using the bookmark feature and earn the Collaborator Badge/ extra points.  Bookmark 5+ items in the Community by August 31st!

We appreciate you all Collaborating and making the Blackbaud Community such a great place to learn from others!

In harmony and inclusion,

Posted by Elizabeth Perron on Aug 7, 2020 4:49 PM America/New_York

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i clicked on this and want to RSVP. Am I one of the 30?
  • Posted Mon 10 Aug 2020 07:44 AM EDT
Hi Sharon Rein‍,

So glad you want to attend the webinar. There are plenty of spots still available for both events with the same info.

Here is how to RSVP:
Click link in the blog above titled Collaborating in the Community: August Webinars.
Click the event that suits you the best.
Then click the RSVP for YES!  
Your name will appear in the right hand column. 

Did that help?
Blackbaud Community Team
  • Posted Mon 10 Aug 2020 12:39 PM EDT
Thank you for this.  I never knew what it did and hadn't tried it.  After 30 years I learned something that is so valuable.  I have a subfolder in my email and save them there but now I have a better place.  Thank you!!!
  • Posted Wed 12 Aug 2020 04:15 PM EDT