THE BUZZ:  Pumpkin Spice Latte Edition 7236

THE BUZZ: Pumpkin Spice Latte Edition


In today's edition of The Buzz:

- A special celebration in Community
- Hot topics in the Blackbaud Community
- Upcoming events for the next month
-And more!

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Welcome to our "fall into fall" edition of The Buzz - or if you're in the Southern Hemisphere "spring into spring".  We're currently asking our community members to change their profile picture to something seasonal and earn points in the community for doing so.

But what does this time of year represent to you?  Getting your costume ready for Halloween?  Preparing for the drop (or rise) in temps?  Or enjoying the nectar of the gods (aka; my favorite - pumpkin spice lattes)?  I'm betting there are even a few people here who have *GASPS* already finished their holiday shopping!!!

We'd love to hear in the comments below how you celebrate this time of year - no matter where you are.

And now, on to The Buzz:


ACTION: Mark one or more of your questions to "Answered" by October 31st.
WHY:  An Answered status means the replies from your peers worked for you and might work for others!  It's also a simple way to say "Thanks" to those who took the time to reply.
HOW: Go to My Community > My Dashboard > click on any questions you have ever posted in the community > scroll to the bottom > set the status to answered.



BBIS & NETCOMMUNITY: Notice Of Planned Deprecation (Retirement) Of User Networking Manager In Blackbaud Internet Solutions And Blackbaud NetCommunity In Early 2021.

eTAPESTRY: Saying Goodbye To The eTapestry Name Conversion Tool

FENXT: Step Up To The Plate

PEER-TO-PEER FUNDRAISING: Tricks, Treats, And Donations!

RENXT Basic Events Is Now Available To All RENXT Customers!

SKY DEVELOPER: New – Add SKY Application Contributors

SKY DEVELOPER: New Constituent API Parameter On Action List Endpoint

SKY DEVELOPER: New SKY API App Showcase Sample

TARGET ANALYTICS: Analytics In Raiser’s Edge NXT: The Best Reporting Tool

K-12: Guiding You To Your Next Academic Destination

EVERYDAYHERO: So Long, Farewell!



RECORDING NOW AVAILABLE: 10/20 Webinar - Blackbaud University: Your Key To Maximizing Your Use Of Blackbaud Grantmaking

Online Event Next Week: YES TO TECH - Getting Others On Board With Investments (November 4)

WEBINAR EVENT: Yes to Tech -- Getting Others Onboard with Investments (November 4)

End of Year Email Checklist: Top Tips for Email Segmenting, Scheduling and Sending (November 4)

Fast Wins with Report Builder and Insight Designer in RE NXT (November 5)

Raiser's Edge NXT Basic Events: Making Events Simpler (November 10)

CUSTOMERS-ONLY WEBINAR EVENT: How the Blackbaud Customer Success Team Delivers for Blackbaud Grantmaking Customers (November 10)

Blackbaud Grantmaking: The New SKY UX Experience (November 11)

Work Smarter with Workflow Designer (November 12)

NEW ONLINE EVENT: Blackbaud Grantmaking SKY UX (November 19)

Financial Edge NXT: Understanding Your System: Business Rules and Configuration (November 19)

New Features in Blackbaud Award Management and Blackbaud Stewardship Management (November 19)

Reporting Tips in Luminate Online (December 2)

WEBINAR: Achieving Grants Management Excellence with Blackbaud Grantmaking (December 3)
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Been done with the holiday shopping for months - lol - I love a family exchange where I only have to buy for one person! We picked names early this year due to slower shipping times and well less free time in general. 

Happy Halloween!
Rick Root Rick Root Oct '20
I don't know where else to say this.. but can someone at Blackbaud PLEASE update the community so that it's more friendly to those of us with visual impairement?  My screen resolutation is 1600x900 with text size set to 125%, and I actually have to zoom OUT to 75% (using Chrome) to actually fit this web page on the browser.

It needs to be made more responsive.... I zoom in regularly on web sites in orderto be able to more easily read things, and when I do that here, I get lots of left-right scrolling... even when posting in the forum, the editor seems to want to take up a huge width. :(
Living in Texas we go from extreme heat to extreme cold. Autumn is all of a week, if we're lucky. But it never matters where I am- I LIVE for Halloween! I'm one of those people who will go buy the clearance Halloween decor for my general interior decorating.
Thank you for your comment Rick Root‍ - Please check your email for some info I can provide.
Sharon Sandberg‍  I saw that it SNOWED in Texas this week. That's crazy!

Here is South Florida we don't Fall into Fall or Spring into Spring - it's all the same dang thing!  As for Winter - the last time my heat clicked on was in 2017. I really miss the changing leaves from my Northeast days! 
Patti Hommes‍ it did! In the panhandle and west. I'm in Austin. We get the occasional ice storm, but very rarely. And I lived in NC for 17 years and very much miss the 4 seasons. :)
For me Fall went by too fast. Trees turned colors early so they fell early too. This week we had SNOW that stayed for a couple of hours here in the Milwaukee area. Way to early for me, it should be after Halloween!
Speaking of holiday shopping...  Any thoughts on gift swapping in 2020?  That was so much fun!
Well into Fall and bordering on winter here in NE Ohio - chilly, rainy, and overcast...the heat has been on for weeks! This is certainly when you start the countdown until spring! But the leaves were spectacular this season - I have to admit to a few beautiful, sunny, crisp fall days with colorful leaves. Now to figure out how to distribute Halloween candy while socially distancing - such strange things we've had to think about this year.
Ray Bergman‍-  Some of my posts only allow me to vote on a good answer instead of allowing me to choose best answer and mark it answered. Why is that?
Pam Kroyer Pam Kroyer Oct '20
In Minneapolis we got a record-setting 8" of snow on October 20 (because 2020). It hasn't warmed up enough to melt all of it, although we saw a few hours of sun yesterday which kind of got it going. We had one week of fall before that, and the week before that it was 80s for the highs. Texas people and Colorado people - I feel you a bit! This is the first year I have been digging PSLs and I am now a PSL person. PSLs are fueling my data entry these days :-) 
I'm done/not done with Christmas shopping - I'm hand making my gifts this year!  Thanks for listing the events, Ray Bergman‍.  My area is finally starting to feel like it's Autumn, and that makes me happy.
Hey, Ray Bergman‍, I really like your background image behind the cup.  ;-)